Hurricane Season officially kicks off on June 1st each year, so it is right around the corner. Here are some things that you can do before the start of Hurricane Season to improve your ability to get through it. Don’t forget, it lasts for five months until November 1st.

Check your Home, Apartment or Business Insurance Policy for the Deductible that applies. These days, most policies have a higher Deductible for wind damage than they have for other types of losses, such as fire. You may want to call your insurance company and ask if a lower Deductible is available and how much it costs. You could also take on a higher Deductible if the savings in premium costs makes sense for your situation.

Before a storm has arrived, inspect your home. If you have loose or curled shingles, replace them before the wind removes them and causes leaks into your home or building. Leeks are a major cause of losses in a windstorm.

Also, go outside and inspect all of the trees and landscaping on your property. If there are tree limbs or trees themselves that seem unstable have a professional trim or remove them. Trees and tree limbs falling on homes are also one of the leading causes of loss in windstorms. A little prevention can save lots of trouble later on. You may want to make plywood covers for your windows. Installing these covers just prior to a storm can save lots of damage during the storm.

These and other simple steps can prevent or reduce the losses you sustain during a storm.

Securing loose items in the yard, such as outdoor tables and chairs or bikes and other toys will keep them from becoming flying objects that can damage your home or building and potentially injuring you or your family during the storm.

In short, applying some common sense will help reduce the losses your home or business may incur during this year’s hurricane season.

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