1. Jewelry. Homeowner’s and apartment policies have strict limits on the amount per item and the total coverage of jewelry. If you have items that exceed these limits you will need to add them specifically to your policy.

2. Works of Art. Although these may well be covered by your policy as part of the Contents coverage, insuring them specifically will establish the value prior to loss and

eliminate possible differences of opinion as to their worth.

3. Specialized Tools. If you have lots of tools that have high value, you should address the question of valuation. Like Art work, they are probably covered by the Contents portion

of your policy, but establishing value in advance of a loss can be very beneficial.

4. Business Equipment. Most home or apartment policies have specific limits of coverage for equipment used in your business. If you have such equipment that exceeds the limit

of your policy, you’ll need to add an endorsement to increase the coverage for it.

5. Antiques. Like Works of Art, Antiques are covered as part of your Contents coverage, but establishing values for them in advance of a loss will eliminate the question concerning their value.

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