Do I need Equipment Breakdown Coverage? You may.

The equipment that runs your home is not covered for mechanical “Breakdown” by your Homeowners policy.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage will pay for accidental breakdown of such things as your furnace or boiler, air conditioning system, ventilation systems and fans, well pumps, pool and spa equipment, backup generators and other types of equipment that you need to operate your home.

A couple of examples of actual payments are:

• Air Conditioning

The condenser coil of an air conditioning system cracked and was not accessible for repair and had to be replaced. Cost: $3,100

• Emergency Generator

An engine driving on emergency generator broke down when a homeowner forgot to add oil. Damage to the engine and generator bearings and rotating elements required replacement of the entire unit. Cost: $6,500

Check with your agent or company and find out how much Equipment Breakdown Coverage would cost.