What is Data Breach? Data breach is defined as loss, theft or accidental release or accidental publication of personally identifiable information.

As an example, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account information, driver’s license numbers, and any other information that is personal in nature for an individual or business.

Who needs data breach protection?

Any business or individual who handles private customer, patient, business or employee information. A few examples include doctors, hospitals, retailers, wholesalers, lawyers, and insurance companies. If you have access to or store private information of others than you need to be aware of this exposure and the potential for loss.

How does it happen? 

There are many ways from a current or former employee, to a computer hacker from the outside or even from the improper disposal of previously used computers and accessories.

What should you do?

First and foremost, analyze your exposure and make a plan to close loopholes and reduce your exposure.

Second, you may want to purchase an insurance policy to protect you. The process will help you further uncover vulnerabilities in your system. Ask your insurance agent for help in investigating a Data Breach insurance policy.

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