Puff backs from your oil or coal furnace or from your wood or pellet stove are highly dangerous and you need to take preventative action to prevent them.  How can you tell that you are getting puff backs?

Any time you see soot in your home you are probably experiencing puff backs from your oil, coal or wood heating device.  Added soot can simply look like more dust, but if you rub it between your fingers it may act more like carbon than dust.

If you have any hint of smoke or puff back from your heating device, shut it down immediately and have it thoroughly inspected over by a professional.  The “fix” may be simply resealing the doors or vent pipes.

Even if it is more serious, you need to deal with it immediately.  The CO2 in the puff back air can kill you.  Make sure that you always have a CO2 monitor installed in your home.  The lives of you and your family are not worth risking.

Remember, CO2 has no odor.  Only the detector can “smell” it.

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