1. Drive Tall!  Sit straight and tall in your seat.  This helps you see vehicles coming from the opposite direction as early as possible so you can take evasive action as early as possible when necessary.

2. Keep your hands in the 10 and 2 positions!  Your control of the vehicle and ability to take evasive action is much improved over any other hand positions.

3. Keep your eyes moving from side to side continuously.  Locking onto one thing, no matter how interesting it may be, means that you may miss something important that happens in another direction.  And that other thing could just be another vehicle or pedestrian that you need to avoid.

4. Keep your lights on at all times.  This makes you much more visible to other vehicles and pedestrians.

5. Leave extra room between your vehicle and others on the road.  Your stopping and maneuvering times are longer than normal and so are those of others.

6. Always make sure that your vehicle is in top shape to drive in inclement weather each time that you get in.

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