christmas-present-83119_960_720Home delivery of packages is an obvious opportunity for thieves.

If you are routinely not at home during the day, consider having packages delivered to an office, relative or friend that is normally home.

If you have a “hidden” key, consider moving or removing it completely at least until after the holiday season.

Putting packages under a tree looks festive. But it also is an invitation to a thief looking through the window.

Putting indoor and outdoor lights on timers makes it look like someone is home.

Always lock your doors and windows when you are away.

Holiday Tips – Avoiding Fires

Never leave candles unattended or place them near anything flammable such as curtains, paper, table clothes or greenery.

Don’t leave pots unattended on the stove and carefully monitor ovens for possible flare ups.

At all times of the year, keep a fire extinguishers close at hand.