“Stored” cars must be insured too if they are registered.

Many people take cars off the road for extended periods for a variety of reasons: I don’t want to drive it in the winter; I’m going to “restore” it; I’m being assigned to a remote location and can’t take it with me; and many more – Do I need to keep it insured for Liability?

The answer is “yes” if you intend to keep it registered.

Rhode Island insists that you keep Liability Insurance in place for any registered automobile or truck. And the DMV is sending out letters to you that require you to confirm insurance coverage for your vehicle.

These Request for Insurance Verification letters will begin going out in the middle of February.

When you get such a letter, you should provide it to your insurance company or agent, even if your vehicle is temporarily out of service. They, in turn, will provide evidence of coverage to the DMV.

Failure to respond will result in revocation of your registration and it will cost $251.50 to reinstate it.

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