Make sure you’re ready for the next storm by being prepared. Here are eight things that should be included in your emergency kit.

1. Make a semi-permanent emergency kit for storm preparation.  Tornado season usually affects the middle and southeastern part of the country more than the northeast, but hurricane season is just around the corner and the same kit can be used for both.

2. One gallon of food per person per day for three days.  That’s a lot of water, but you can tap sources such as your hot water heater (usually 40 or more gallons) in a pinch too.

4. A three day supply of food.  It should be nonperishable not require cooking and include such items as canned tuna or meat, vegetables and baby food if needed.  Dry items such as jerky, nuts and fruits also are helpful.

5. A battery powered radio and a flashlight along with extra batteries.

6. Prescription and other medications that you take regularly.

7. A first-aid kit

8. Clothes and blankets as needed.

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