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There are a number of things that can be done to minimize the potential for injury when using chain saws and other hazardous equipment:


  • Clear away dirt, debris, small tree limbs and rocks from the saw’s chain path. Look
  • for nails, spikes or other metal in the tree before cutting.
  • Shut off the saw or engage its chain brake when carrying the saw on rough or uneven
  • terrain.
  • Keep your hands on the saw’s handles, and maintain secure footing while operating
  • the saw.
  • Proper personal protective equipment must be worn when operating the saw, which
  • includes hand, foot, leg, eye, face, hearing and head protection.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing. Be careful that the trunk or tree limbs will not bind against the saw.
  • Watch for branches under tension, they may spring out when cut.
  • All chain saws should be equipped with a protective device that minimizes chain saw kick-back.
  • Be cautious of saw kick-back. To avoid kick back, do not saw with the tip. If equipped, keep tip guard in place.

Yard Work – Mower Safety

Suggestions for safe mower use – even for experienced users.

  • Always read all warning labels on the machine.
  • Be aware of your lawn conditions – wet or extra tall grass or uneven ground conditions can increase danger.
  • Safety means dressing appropriately – you should always wear long pants, hearing protection, eye protection, work boots with good traction and heavy gloves.
  • Don’t wear loose fitting clothing, jewelry or other items that can get caught in or on the mower.
  • Make sure that all safety guards are in place and working properly before using your mower.
  • Make all adjustments, including cutting height when the mower is not running.
  • Don’t run your mower in an enclosed area, where carbon monoxide can build up.
  • Never add gasoline while the mower is running.
  • Make sure your yard is clear of debris that can be projected outward by the mower blade.
  • Never leave a running mower unattended.
  • Never, Ever, try to unclog a mower that is running.

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