Thanksgiving arrives exactly two weeks from today. If you’re going to visit with relatives, here are some quick trip tips.
  • Make sure your car is ready – Check your tires, gas, washer fluid and blades and your emergency kit.
  • Leave early and don’t hurry – Those that you are visiting will still be there when you arrive.  And, you don’t want to get into a position where road rage takes over!
  • Designate a driver in advance for those times when others in the car may enjoy a drink or two.
  • Stay connected – Make sure your cell phone is fully charged when you start and, if necessary, take a charging cable that you can plug into the power source in your car.
  • Stay alert!  We all know that turkey has tryptophan that makes you sleepy.  All the other carbohydrates and the alcohol will add to the burden of staying attentive.  Practice “moderation” for all your consumption and that will help.
Finally, all of us at Burns & Cotter, Inc. wish you a very happy and rewarding Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends.

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