Here are a some things to keep in mind when your reviewing your annual insurance policy.


  1. What Have I Added or Updated Around My Home?
    Did you add an addition or remodel; add a pool or finish your basement? All of these things change the value of your home and you should update your insurance coverage.
  2. What Has Changed With My Vehicles or Drivers?
    Are you driving a longer distance to work? Is the vehicle you previously used for commuting now sitting in your garage more often than not? It’s a good idea to reexamine your auto insurance coverage at least once a year to ensure you have the correct amount of coverage.
  3. What Significant Purchases Have I Made?
    New equipment, furniture, jewelry or other items that may impact your insurance coverage.
  4. What’s New With My Family?
    Are there additions or subtractions to take into consideration?
  5. Are There Any Discounts for Which I Now Qualify?
    There are many things that can affect your home and automobile insurance, such as a new alarm system, a new roof or even a new furnace.  Discuss all of these things with your agent to figure it out.
  6. Should I Consider Any Coverage Options?
    More than likely, your carrier offers some coverage options that might just be a good fit for you now.  Examples can include roadside assistance for cars your vehicles and Umbrella policy or jewelry coverage.

Your agent can help you explore these options and select what fits.

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