If you have a Homeowner’s policy, it is likely that it makes provisions for taking care of things that are required under the Ordinances and Laws of your town or state.


This might include demolishing an undamaged portion of a covered building damaged by a Peril Insured Against or perhaps demolition and reconstruction of an undamaged part of the building.

Bringing your building up to current building codes can also be costly. For example: many of the homes built before 1930 still have wiring – generally referred to as Knob and Tube – that was used in that era. That type of wiring today does not pass code requirements, so even a small loss to your home or other property can require you to rewire the entire structure. That will be an expensive undertaking.

Similarly, some of the older plumbing doesn’t pass today’s codes and can require an entire re-plumbing job.

Make certain that your Homeowner’s policy has enough coverage for these situations. Call your agent or company to find out the amount so you can determine if it is sufficient.

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