Mechanic with a wrench

Here are several things to avoid when you are driving:

  • Braking too much will shorten your brakes life and could even endanger you if you over heat your brakes on a long decent.  Downshift to reduce your dependence on your brakes.  If you have a manual transmission it is very straight forward, but most automatic transmissions today also have options for downshifting.
  • Running too low or even out of gasoline.  Even if you don’t actually run out the small amount of fuel in your tank can place extra strain on your fuel pump and result in a costly repair.  Always try to keep at least 1/8th of a tank in your car.
  • Gunning your car can wear all kinds of things from your engine to your transmission and, of course, your tires.
  • Slipping your clutch or driving with your foot “riding” the clutch petal.  Will result in a premature and expensive clutch replacement.
  • Shifting into drive or reverse before your engine has fully warmed and the RPMs have slowed down to the normal operating level at idle.  If you hear or feel a “thunk” when you initially start out, you are engaging the transmission too soon.

Avoid these things and you will cut down the repairs for your car and enjoy a long and useful service life from it.

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