Each year, when you think of doing a spring cleaning in your home, you should also do a spring checkup on your car. After all, your car just took you through the winter, hopefully without mishap.

Now, is your turn for a little pay back with some TLC.

These seven simple things will do the trick.

  1. Wash your car, including spraying the undercarriage to remove the salt and dirt accumulations.
  2. Check your tires for wear and replace any that need it. Balance and align them if indicated.
  3. Refill your washer fluids.
  4. Look to see if an oil change is due and complete it if necessary.
  5. Take a drive on good roads to see if everything seems to be in good shape.
  6. Vacuum your car and get rid of the winter’s accumulation of junk that many of us have.
  7. Make sure your registration and inspections are all up to date.
  8. These are simple things but will make your car ownership more enjoyable and possibly even extend its life.

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