With the growth in car services such as Uber or Lyft, many people are using their own cars in these services and assuming their automobile policy will cover their risks. 

Unfortunately, that is simply not true. There is an exclusion for commercial use of your vehicle. Now there is a specific exclusion for “Public or Livery conveyance” that has been added to your policy. This makes it clear that the Liability coverage for your vehicle doesn’t apply when it is being used as a Public Conveyance. 

Further, it goes on to specifically exclude Medical Payments and Physical Damage Coverage for your vehicle. So, with a few exceptions your automobile policy doesn’t cover you or your automobile when you are using it for this purpose.

What are your options? Probably the best one worth investigating is coverage that it offered by the company that you are working for such as Uber or Lyft.  Another options is to purchase a commercial automobile policy that is designed to cover the exposures that go along with operating a Public Conveyance.

What is not a good option is to simply assume that your automobile policy will cover you. It will not!