Homeowners Insurance

Whether it is in Providence, Warwick or another city, for most of us, our home is our biggest asset and we need to protect it well.
Plan now and be protected later with homeowners insurance you can count on!

Your Personal Insurance requirements are exactly that……Personal!  Of course, you need Homeowners Insurance, but just to fit your home, not your neighbors or your friends from across town.  Your home is bigger or smaller, with more bedrooms or not so many.  It has a basement or is on a slab and has a built-in garage or perhaps none at all.  It has 5 bathrooms or just one.  In short it is entirely different than almost all of the other homes that you are familiar with.

Providence, Rhode Island’s harsh winters and unpredictable summers can present unexpected home maintenance issues. If you are not prepared, these costly expenditures can put you in a precarious position. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. With the right home insurance plan, you will have the help you need to pay for repairs and replace expensive items.

* Theft Protection – A thief doesn’t think about how broken windows and stolen appliances can seriously impact your life. From replacing costly electronics and jewelry to fixing broken windows and damaged locks, your homeowners insurance can help cover items and that are stolen or damaged during a break-in.

* Natural Damages – It is hard to beat a blue-sky day in Providence. Unfortunately, not all days offer such pristine beauty. In the event your home is damaged due to fire, wind, rain or lightning, your homeowners insurance will help you repair your home.

* Hotel Expenses – Can’t stay in your home due to damage? When a disaster forces you to find shelter elsewhere, the last thing you want is to be counting pennies to pay for a bed. Your homeowners insurance will help you cover the cost of hotel expenses.

I am always pleased to know that whenever I call Burns & Cotter an actual person answers the phone. The staff is very knowledgable and helpful. They conduct business the way it's supposed to be, reliable and personable.

-Courtney Buteau

I've worked with Deb for over 5 years. Each year she searches for the lowest rates and has my business best interest in mind. She responds in a timely manner and is very thorough with her job.

-Shawna Manning

I have worked with Burns & Cotter for over 10 years for various combinations of home, car and business insurance and couldn't be more pleased. Vivien has always taken great care of me, and it is a pleasure to deal with the entire office.

-Elias Laham

I have had my insurance policy through this agency for 10+ years -- great service, friendly staff, would highly recommend them!

-A Google User

We will help you figure out just the right amount of coverage for your home.  You don’t want to purchase too much, but you certainly don’t want too little either.  We have the most well-known tools for getting it just right.  And we will help you figure out if you need special coverages for things like jewelry or that collection of baseball cards that you’ve had all these years.
Mother Nature can rear her ugly head. A thief can break in while you are on vacation. Pipes can burst. Foundations can crack. Don’t let the unexpected wipe out your reserve funds and send you into a financial windfall. Make sure you are prepared to protect your home. At Burns & Cotter, we have more 100 years of combined insurance expertise.

Our professional staff can help you select the insurance plan AND coverage amount that is right for you. That is protection you can count on!

Your Homeowner’s Policy is very important.  Let us help you make certain it is exactly what you need. Contact us to discuss your homeowners insurance options.

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